A Sneak Preview: The Future of Technology and Media in Development

A Sneak Preview: The Future of Technology and Media in Development

Infrastructure and lack of connectivity are often considered the main problems in developing countries when it comes to using new media. With the mobile revolution and backbone development taking place, this situation may soon be improving significantly.

In this final session, we will attempt a view into the future: What are the trends and visions for connectivity in developing countries and what will be their impact on journalism? The session starts with a brief overview of the recent developments in Internet Infrastructure and mobile Internet in Africa and continue to predict how the situation may evolve over the next five years.

Questions include:

  • What are the trends for smart phone penetration?
  • How will media adapt to an increasing mobile market?
  • How may this effect traditional media?
  • Are social media becoming mass media through mobile applications and
  • services like Facebook, even is Sub-­Saharan Africa?
  • What factors will shape the digital landscapes of the future?

Further, the session will look at the digital innovation in Africa and ask:

  • Who the current drivers are, and
  • What factors are promoting and what factors are prohibiting innovation in
  • digital technologies and media in Sub-­Saharan Africa?

Sarah Britten – Memeburn, Thought Leader
Joined by Justin Arenstein and Gavin Sheridan.

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“Predicting Africa’s multiple Futures” at kiwanja blog

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