Data Journalism

Data Journalism

Data is playing an increasingly important role in our digital age. Not only the debate around Wikileaks has brought up the question what role journalists play in the creation of transparency and accountability. With the growth of movements for open government and open data, new possibilities and challenges are opening up (not only) for journalists interested to work with open data as a source.

New technologies are making it easier to navigate through and analyze large amounts of data. An increasing number of online applications enable the sharing and visualization of data. How are these being used and what role is the Open Government / Open Data Movement playing in journalistic and media development contexts today?
The session on Data Journalism will address this question and specifically attempt to find answers to the following guiding questions:

  • What opportunities and challenges does data based journalism create for journalists in developing contexts today?
  • What data is available where and what skills are needed to use data more effectively and generate stories?
  • How reliable are both date sources and their interpretations?
  • What new skills do journalists need to be equipped with?

Dr. Carl-Christian Buhr – EU Digital Agenda
Helen Darbishire – Access Info Europe
Johnny West –

Wilfried Runde – Deutsche Welle

EC/EU Digital Agenda
Access Info Europe
“Data and Storytelling” at
“The growing importance of data journalism” at O’Reilly Radar
“Open Data: a means to an end, not an end in itself” at OKF
“Transparency is not enough” at tech

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