Hype or Hope? The impact of digital media on journalism and development

In 2011 the role of Internet communication for social and political change has taken on a new dimension. Never before has the impact of digital and social media been discussed so widely as in the context of current social movements like the Arab Spring, where Internet based communication provided an outlet for voices unheard by the state controlled media systems.

The FoME 2011 Symposium will address the question, how “the digital” is changing the production, distribution and consumption of media and it’s potential to contribute to the development of free and independent media in developing countries. Media experts, development practitioners and interested persons are invited to discuss and share their experiences. Focal topics will be:

  • The impact of digital media on investigative journalism
  • New tools for gathering and distribution such as data journalism and mobile reporting
  • Citizen journalism changing the landscape of partners and target groups for media development
  • Security issues media organizations and journalists working in the digital world need to face

The program will include international speakers, case studies and practical information for professionals. An official program will be released shortly. If you are interested in participating, you can register here for the 2011 Symposium.