Ivan Sigal

Ivan Sigal is the Executive Director of Global Voices, a non-profit online global citizens’ media initiative. He was a Senior Fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace, where he wrote about the effects of increased media and information access and participation in conflict-prone areas. He previously spent over ten years working in media development in the former Soviet Union and Asia, supporting journalism, media regulatory reform, and working on media co-productions. During that time he worked for Internews Network, as Regional Director for Asia, Central Asia, and Afghanistan.

He has designed and implemented dozens of media assistance projects, including the creation of more than thirty Afghan-run radio stations and building an independent Afghan radio network; a project to provide humanitarian information to victims of the 2005 South Asian earthquake in Pakistan; a post-2004 tsunami humanitarian information radio program in Sri Lanka, legal and civil society reporting programs for Chinese journalists, and numerous current affairs TV programs for Central Asian audiences.

Session: New Media, New Partnerships?
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