Jelena Jovanovic

Jelena Jovanovic is recognized digital marketing and communications expert in Balkans and internet celebrity working as business development manager in BIRN Hub (position in Belgrade, in charge for BIRN’s new project She began her career as a journalist, developing her research and storytelling skills on a wide range of topics and audience profiles published in daily newspapers (2002-2007), ICT magazines (2008-2010), economic magazines (2007-2009), and blogs (since 2006) in Serbia.

Jelena previously was in charge of marketing & communications in Serbia and Croatia in Etarget, a Slovak ad network delivering presentations on conferences on variety of topics around online communications, new media, campaigns & targeting, e-Government and branding 2.0. She is jury member of Web Fest, a regional competition web sites in SEE and active in Open Coffee Club meet-ups as well as in TEDx events.

Jelena is recognized as influential blogger in Serbia and Croatia covering digital economy scope of topics, from advertising, marketing and PR to leadership. She has extensive experience as a moderator, community manager and PR specialist.

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