Mapping Digital Media

Mapping Digital Media: Case Studies from Moldova and Macedonia

OSF’s Mapping Digital Media project examines the opportunities and risks created by the transition from traditional to digital media in 60 countries. The project explores how these changes affect the core democratic function of any media system: providing the public with news about political, economic, and social affairs.
The presentation will briefly introduce the range and methodology of the research project, and present the findings of the first reports completed – highlighting the examples of Moldova and Macedonia. Emphasis will be laid on the effects of digitalization on journalism and the changes in media usage and consumption patterns. In addition some detailed aspects additionally covered by the Digital Media Project will be dealt with, i.e. impact on traditional media and new business models, investigative journalism in the web, the role of mobile technology, etc.

The presentation constitutes the opening session to the symposium providing for a broader perspective of consecutive presentations.

Mark Thompson – Open Society Foundation/Media Program
Victor Gotisan – Mapping Digital Media/Moldova
Roberto Belicanec – Mapping Digital Media/Macedonia

Sofie Jannusch – CAMECO

OSF / Soros Foundation
OSF / Soros Media Initiatives
OSF / Soros Mapping Digital Media Publications

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