Sarah Britten

Dr. Sarah Britten is a communication strategist, author, artist, blogger, journalist and one of the top contributors of Memeburn.

Sarah has worked in the advertising industry for over a decade and until recently, she was head of digital strategy at Y&R Johannesburg. She completed her PhD through the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, researching the role of advertising in the creation of a new national identity in post-apartheid South Africa. The author of five books (including three which examined the link between South African society, insults and humour), Sarah is a prolific blogger across a number of platforms. She writes regularly for a range of publications, including Strategic Marketing and the Sunday Times, South Africa’s biggest weekly newspaper. She paints with lipstick, exploring themes relating to Western mythology and gender as well as notions of the city. Her current interests focus on the impact of technology and social media on individual identity and relationships with others.

Session: Closing Session: On the Road to a Digital Future?
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