Olivier Nyirubugara

Olivier Nyirubugara has an academic background in Media studies and is currently a lecturer for New Media and Online Journalism at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication in Rotterdam. Currently Olivier’s research focuses on the convergence between old and new media, crossmedia and multi-platform journalism, and alternative journalism. Olivier also has keen research interest in new media didactics, new media and cultural heirtage, cultural memory, and ICT and Development.

Born in Rwanda, Olivier has been active in journalism since 2002 and has reported for various news media organizations including the United Nations’ humanitarian news and analysis agency (IRIN), Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany), and The Economist Intelligence Unit. In recent years, Olivier has trained and coached (online) journalists in community reporting particularly in Africa. Besides his work at the ESHCC, he currently also works as Country Manager for Burkina Faso at the Hague-based International Institute for Communication and Development.


Session: Session 4 – Africa: Mobile Activism for Political Change