Yanuar Nugroho

From October 2012 Yanuar Nugroho will be working for the Indonesian Government in the Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight. He will be responsible for the identification and the mapping of future development challenges and design policy frameworks and measures. Before working for the government, he was a Research Fellow in Political Economy of Innovation and Social Change at the University of Manchester’s Institute of Innovation Research.

He recently completed two reports on ‘Mapping the landscape of the media industry in contemporary Indonesia’ and ‘Mapping media policy in Indonesia’ (CIPG, HIVOS, U. Manch, & Ford Found., 2012) as well as ‘Citizens in @ction: Collaboration, participatory democracy and freedom of information – Mapping contemporary civic activism and the use of new social media in Indonesia’ (HIVOS, U. Manch., 2011). His research interests revolve around the topics of Innovation and Social Change, Development Informatics, Responsible Governance of Innovation, Sustainability and Emerging Technologies, and Foresight and Social Network. Mr. Nogroho publishes on a regular basis in various Journals, such as: Journal of International Development, Research Policy and Information, Communication and Society.


Session: Session 2 – Asia: From “Clicktivism” to “Civic Activism”