This page brings together some of the most recent resources recommended by the organisers and panellists on the issues to be addressed at Symposium 2024. Please feel free to contribute as well by posting a comment, with a direct link if possible.

  • Center for International Media Assistance (2024), Are Donors Taking the Journalism Crisis Seriously? An Analysis of Official Aid to Media 2010–2019, Myers, M. & Gilberds, H.
  • Elgas (2023), Les bons ressentiments. Essai sur le malaise post-colonial. Paris: Riveneuve
  • fome/MEDAS 21 (2021-2022), Research Reviews for Media Development Practitioners
  • Global Forum for Media Development (2024), GFMD Impact Resource center
  • Gudynas, E. (2022). Postdevelopment and Other Critiques of Development. In: The Essential Guide to Critical Development Studies. London: Routledge
  • MEDAS 21 (2022), Position paper “Development Assistance in the 21st Century, Lessons Learnt from A Media Development Research Program”
  • Medium (2020), Aid re-imagined
  • OECD (2024), Development Cooperation Principles on Relevant and Effective Support to Media and the Information Environment
  • Protecting Independent Media for Effective Development (2024), Workshops and learning briefs
  • Piron, Laure-Hélène (2024), Mapping and analysis of ODA to media and the information environment, OECD DAC Network on Governance