Media Development Coaching Session

During the FoME Symposium 2016, the Friday morning (4th of November) will provide open space for participants to address their own concerns.

The Media Development Coaching Session is open to participants to share their scientific or practical knowledge.

Invited are:

  • Academics who would like to present their research design and receive feedback from media development experts and practitioners;
  • Colleagues, responsible for planning, implementation or evaluation of media programmes and projects, who would like to share challenges and receive feedback from other experts.

Contributions include:

Bettina Haasen
The past that won’t pass by

Journalists’ habitus in the context of fragile transformation processes during Burundi’s 2015 electoral campaign

Sacha Meuter
Public Service Media Standards for UN Peacekeeping Operations (UNPOs)

Challenges of a multidisciplinary research project

Veronika Divišová
How to most effectively integrate technology in media development projects in the South Caucasus

Moderation: Sofie Jannusch, CAMECO

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Sofie Jannusch:
Tel. +49-241 70 13 12 12
or skype: sofie.jannusch