Ben Ramalingam: Tackling the complex problem of aid

Ben Ramalingam (researcher, development consultant and author of Aid on the Edge of Chaos) challenges media development practitioners to think differently about how aid works and the need to adapt it to the realities and complexities of societies.

Céline Herbiet: Adapting design thinking for development

How can organizations inject approaches of design thinking into how development projects are run? Celine Herbiet (education Designer at butterfly Works) elaborates on how people can be put at the central of development projects through design thinking.

Jessica Noske-Turner: Highlights of her research on the current evaluation practices of media development

Sopheap Chak: Negotiating with partners and organizing ownership

Christoph Spurk: Value of storytelling in media evaluation

Ben Ramalingam on Complexity Theory and Relevance to Media Development

Participants Impressions of FoME 2015