New Workshop Tool: Playing with Lego for Media Development

You might only know LEGO as a child’s toy. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, a dynamic facilitation method, was met with much enthusiasm. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is about thinking differently, thinking with your hands. It’s a brilliant professional tool for strategies, creative thinking, problem solving and team-building. The bricks are a universal language and the metaphors that emerge from the models are a powerful way to unlock knowledge in a team. There are many ways LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) can be applied to journalism and media development or more widely in education, business, government, community projects, international development and NGOs.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY was instrumental in helping media professionals to develop strategies, analyze and solve problems, kick-start creative thinking, build better performing teams, faciliating constructive dialogue and much more.

Trainer: Guy Degen, Journalist, Trainer and Certified LSP Facilitator