Strand One: Developing and designing media development activities

Workshop 1 – Negotiating with partners, Organizing ownership
Workshop 2 – New workshop tool: Playing with lego for media development
Workshop 3 – Theory of change, Theory of action
Workshop 10 – Case Studies: The “Reflecting Team” Method and other Organizational Development Approaches

Strand Two: Running sustainable media development projects

Workshop 4 – Consulting and organizational development as main tools of change
Workshop 5 – Human rights-based approach as a framing concept for media development
Workshop 6 – Good planning versus ‘same procedure every time’

Strand Three: Measuring impact and quality

Workshop 7 – Designing and evaluating projects of private and political foundations
Workshop 8 – Current evaluation practices and more effective media development evaluation
Workshop 9 – Story-telling and other new methods of evaluation

Video Summaries

Vanessa Völkel visited all Workshops on “Running sustainable media development projects”. Watch her summary across workshops.

Thorsten Karg visited all Workshops on “Measuring impact and quality”. Watch his summary across workshops.