Consulting and Organizational Development as Main Tools of Change

What are the current consulting concepts and methods? Is there a shared understanding of “consulting” in the West and in the South? How should resistance towards consulting be dealt with – in one’s own institution and with implementing partners? For this session DW Akademie invited participants to discuss with six experts from the Global South the topic of consultancy in media development.

The workshop followed a world-café format: Participants were asked to sit at one of six tables and discuss the questions above with experts – for fifteen minutes. After this time they were invited to move on to other tables and meet other colleagues. And so on. This method facilitated a rich exchange which was directly documented on brown paper that had been laid out on the tables.

In his introductory remarks session host Jan Lublinski expressed that DW Akademie was building its capacity in the area of systemic consultancy and organizational development. For this reason the experts of this session had met prior to the FOME symposium for a 4-day-workshop in order to share experiences and to develop new approaches. During this FoME Workshop they elaborated on their discussions to include the broader media development community.

An important component in advancing the creativity of this session was played by the sweets provided on the table – a combination of gummy bears locally produced in Bonn and caramel candy generously flown directly from Bogotá stirred the creativity during the session.

Consultancy Experts who served as resource persons at the tables:

Chakib Abdallah – Consultant and Trainer, DW Akademie, Tunisia;
Peter Deselaers – Head, Concepts and Methods, DW Akademie, Germany;
Bektour Iskender – Co-founder, Kloop Media Foundation, Kyrgyzstan;
Asif Khan – Country Representative Pakistan, DW Akademie;
Ronald Kitanda – Consultant and Evaluator, Uganda;
Fabio Posada – Director, Consejo de Redacción (CdR), Colombia;
Bazlur Rahman – Chief Executive Officer, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communications

Moderator: Jan Lublinski